"When I make music life lights up, I am the music, a channel to interpret and materialize beauty, sorrow, heart ache, joy."

Support My Project

To continue this path, I need to raise funds which I have already invested in previous recordings to record my next work. I am now looking to raise 3.300 euros to do this. This is the minimum amount for me to receive the funds from the crowdfunding, and there is no maximum limit. If you want to be part of this journey with me and help release a new album in 2023 please choose one of the following rewards and SHARE THE LOVE, the more the merrier.


My name is Sophie Maricq, I have been a musician my entire life. The sounds and music of the world flow through my blood. I have travelled all over and lived in five different countries. I have been extremely privileged to have had the chance to integrate and immerse myself in culture and language. I am completely fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian. Over the years I have used my musical experience and qualifications to not only teach children and young adults but have written my own music, which I now want to put into the world for more people to enjoy. When I make music I feel life lights up, I am the music, I am a channel to interpret and materialize beauty, sorrow, heart ache, joy and good vibes. This exact feeling is what has driven me to cross oceans, choose time and space over money, and endure a challenging road to be true to what brings me joy. This also makes me the best version of myself, which at the same time gives me the opportunity to contribute.


Date Venue City
26th February 2022 Honky Tonk Madrid
23rd April 2022 Classijazz Almería
16th May 2022 Cosmo Mojácar
29th May 2022 Cosmo Mojácar
1st August 2022 Plaza de Andalucía Los Gallardos
2nd August 2022 Plaza del Ayuntamiento Bédar
6th August 2022 Plaza de la Constitución Turre
12th August 2022 Ruta de los Sentidos Bédar
27th August 2022 Villa Cadima Bédar
17th September 2022 Hotel Cabo de Gata Almería
17th December 2022 Villa Cadima Bédar
28th January 2023 Teatro Maruja Cinta Bédar
4th February 2023 Honky Tonk Madrid